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January 2011

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EuroSIDA Steering Committee Nominations 
As we are entering a new 5-year project period, it is time to elect EuroSIDA Steering Committee (SC) representation for 2011-2016.Three representatives will be elected for each of the 4 regions in EuroSIDA.

All investigators can run by declaring their interest and sending a short CV and declaration of interest ( 1 page max for both) to Jorunn at the Coordinating Centre jtv@cphiv.dkAll nominations for the SC will be accepted until 14 February 2011. Nominations are being accepted for all regions and centers can nominate candidates either inside or outside of their region. Nominations can also be for more than one person/country, but please note that for the regional nominees only one candidate can be elected per country. Please be aware that all nominees must be willing to devote time and energy to serve on the SC. There is no limit to the number of nominees in each region.

After nominations are collected, ballots will be sent to the EuroSIDA centres listing all nominated candidates. Each EuroSIDA centre will be allocated a number of votes based on the person-years of follow-up they have submitted and the elected SC will be announced thereafter.

EuroSIDA, Recently Accepted

Predictors of having a resistance test following confirmed virological failure of cART: data from EuroSIDA. ZV Fox, A Cozzi-Lepri, A d'Arminio Monforte, A Karlsson, AN Phillips, G Kronborg, J Kjaer, B Clotet, JD Lundgren for EuroSIDA; Antiviral Therapy 

A376S in the connection subdomain of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase confers increased risk of virological failure to nevirapine therapy. R Paredes, MC Puertas, W Bannister, M Kisic, A Cozzi-Lepri, C Pou, R Bellido, G Betancor, J Bogner, P Gargalianos, D Bánhegyi, B Clotet, J Lundgren, L Menéndez-Arias, J Martinez-Picado, EuroSIDA Study Group; Journal of Infectious Diseases

Prediciting prevalence of accumulated HIV-1 drug resistance in a cohort of patients on antiretroviral therapy.W Bannister, A Cozzi-Lepri, J Kjaer, B Clotet, A Lazzarin, JP Viard, G Kronborg, D Duiculescu, M Beniowski, L Machala, A Phillips; Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy

For a complete list of publications: 

Current EuroSIDA SC members
Northern Europe:
Anders Karlsson (Sweden)
Peter Reiss (Netherlands)
Brian Gazzard (UK) 
Western Central Europe:     
Jürgen Rockstroh (Germany)                 
Christine Katlama (France)
 Bruno Ledergerber (Switzerland)

 Eastern Europe:               
 Aza Rakhmanova (Russia)

 Dan Duiculescu (Romania)
 Andrezej Horban (Poland)
Southern Europe: 
Antonella A.Monforte (Italy) 
José Gatell (Spain) 
Francisco Antunes (Portugal)
Virological and Statistical experts:      
Bonaventura Clotet (virologist)
Andrew Phillips (statistician)

Regions by country
Northern Europe:
Norway, UK, Denmark, Ireland,  Finland, Sweden, Northern Germany, Netherlands 
Western Central Europe:
Austria, Belgium, France, South Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland
Central/Eastern Europe:
Latvia,  Belarus, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Czeck Republic, Hungary, Estonia, Russia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Poland
Southern Europe:
Greece, Italy, Spain, Israel, Portugal, (Argentina)

EuroSIDA Follow Up, dataset 33  
In December 2010 the Follow Up (FU) forms for dataset 33 were sent out to the EuroSIDA centers. We will kindly ask you to send the completed FU forms return to the Coordinating Centre by 1st February 2011. If you have any questions to the completion of the FU forms, please contact Jorunn at