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Issue number 1, January 2011

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On behalf of everyone at the Coordinating Center (CC) in Copenhagen we wish you all a very Happy New year. We would like to thank everyone for their fantastic effort over the past year, and very much look forward to continued collaboration in the years to come.
Event case report forms (CRFs)
As always you are all doing a fantastic job in completing these forms, which are an essential component in the success of this collaboration. 
Please keep in mind when filling out the CRFs:
   Diabetes is diagnosed with two fasting glucose values   above 7.0 mmol/l (126mg/dl) or, if this data is not available: by the presence of symptoms combined with either random values/oral glucose tolerance test above 11.1 mmol/l (200mg/dL) or information on anti-diabetic treatment.
   Please remember that patients who meet the criteria for this Chronic liver disease (CLD) must have clinical signs (bleeding from varices, hepatic encephalopathy stage lll-lV or hepatorenal syndrome) documented in a clinical note and, if available, a pathology rapport/fibroscan or alternatively information on transplantation.
   Prospective ascertainment of the new endpoints (End stage renal disease, Chronic liver disease and Non-Aids defining malignancies) is 01.01.2004- events before this date should not be send on a CRF to the CC, but should still be recorded in the individual cohort database and transmitted to the CC during the regular data mergers.  
   For ESRD please remember source documentation of 3 months of dialysis or kidney transplantation. 
   As always, updated CRFs can be found on the CHIP website: under D:A:D -Study Documents

Update of the D:A:D Study group
In order to ensure that the CC had an updated list of participating physicians and sites, could each cohort please provide the CC ( with the latest update of the list of participating Principle Investigators (PI) in the D:A:D study group (deadline 7th March 2011) so that we can update the study acknowledgments. 

Possible new data collection for 2011, initiated by the D:A:D Steering Committee (SC)
A survey regarding the collection of bilirubin in individual cohorts has been initiated The SC will discuss whether bilirubin should be included in future data downloads for D:A:D .
Some sites will receive an email in late January with a questionnaire regarding invasive cervical cancers. These will be reimbursed in the same way as other D:A:D events. Please reply before 7th March 2011.

Query process, Spring 2011
 During Spring all cohorts will receive a list of pending events including
- Events not yet reported
- Events with outstanding/ incomplete source documentation
- Events with a date discrepancy
Please send all outstanding events to the D:A:D CC before April 15th 2011

Ongoing scientific projects
- Liver-related deaths in patients not HCV/HBV co-infected.
In June 2010 a liver questionnaire was distributed to centers with selected patients dying from liver related causes. Thanks to everyone that participated in this project. Due to the very small number of patients dying from liver-related deaths that were not caused by HBV/HCV co-infection, the D:A:D SC agreed at the meeting in London (November 2010) that only descriptive analyses would be undertaken on this endpoint.

Two working groups have been established within the D:A:D study: a Kidney-working group and a Cancer-working group.  These groups include both internal and external experts, and their role is to discuss scientific and methodological issues concerning these new fields of interest. A Mortality working group is currently being established.

Information and upcoming deadlines, Merger 12
- A new data submission SOP will be available later this Spring
- Data submission deadline 1st June 2011.

AHOD, Athena, Aquitaine, EuroSIDA, Icona, Nice, St. Pierre and Swiss.


The next D:A:D SC face to face meeting will be held 28th February 2011at CROI in Boston.


A total of 49,737 patients are now included in the D:A:D study and are under prospective follow-up. For the primary endpoints we now have more than 700 MIs and unfortunately 3500 persons have died. Last year we asked you to prioritise events occurring in Cohorts I and II. From this year we kindly ask you to prioritise all three cohorts equally.


1. HBV or HCV co-infections and risk of myocardial infarction in HIV-infected individuals: the D:A:D Cohort Study
Weber R, Sabin C, Reiss P, de Wit S., Worm SW., Law M., Dabis F, D´Arminio Moforte A, Fontas E, El-Sadr W, Kirk O, Rickenbach M, Phillips A, Ledergerber B, Lundgren J.
Antivir Ther 2010;15 (8):1077-86

2. Rates of Cardiovascular Disease Following Smoking Cessation in Patients with HIV Infection: Results from the D:A:D Study   Petoumenos K., Worm SW., Reiss P,, de Wit S., D’Arminio Monforte A., Sabin C., Friis-Moller N, Weber R., Mercie P., Pradier C., El-Sadr W., Kirk O.,Lundgren J., Law M., On behalf of the D:A:D Study Group HIV Med 2011 January 2 Epub ahead of print


The 12th International workshop on adverse drug reaction and co-morbidities in HIV, London, November 2010: Oral presentation:

Evaluation of sudden death and non-haemorrhagic stroke and their association with HIV protease inhibitor (PI) usage
Signe W. Worm, A Kamara, P Reiss, E Fontas, S De Wit, W El Sadr, A d‘Arminio Monforte, M Law, A Phillips, L Ryom, F Dabis, R Weber, C Sabin, JD Lundgren on behalf of the D:A:D study

TWO POSTER HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED AT IWHOD 24-26th 2011 of March in Prague

"Improving data quality in HIV cohort collaborations - exemplified by the D:A:D study”
“Cancers or not? Collection and preliminary assessment of non-AIDS-defining malignancies (NADMs) in the D:A:D Study”

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