Tuberculosis among HIV-positive patients: an international prospective observational study

Christmas Newsletter 2011

With this newsletter we would like to thank all TB:HIV Study investigators for their contribution to the TB:HIV Study.

2011 has been a very productive year for the TB:HIV Study:

The prospective phase of the study has been initiated from January 2011 with a funding of 480,000 euro from the European Commission FP7 within the EuroCoord application. Since then, 3 cohorts and 54 HIV and TB clinics from across Europe and Latin America have agreed to participate in the study.

Enrolment of patients diagnosed with TB during 2011:  
253 HIV patients diagnosed with active TB disease during the first 6 months of 2011 have been enrolled.
We thank all investigators for their good efforts and hard work on completing the forms and look forward to receiving more enrolment forms in 2012.

If you have not yet submitted enrolment forms for HIV patients diagnosed with TB during 2011 or identified any additional HIV/TB patients to those already enroled, please submit enrolment forms for them by 1st February 2012 to the Coordinating Centre.

Ethical approvals:
More sites have obtained ethical approval from their Ethics Committees. We kindly remind sites that have not yet obtained approval to please move forward with this process. If you need any assistance or study documents, please contact doctor Anne Marie Werlinrud at .

6-months Follow-up forms:
Follow-up forms for patients enrolled during 2011 have been created at the Coordinating Centre and will be sent out to the respective sites by the end of this week. The purpose of 6-month follow-up is:
  • Verification of data already in-house (provided at enrolment, pre-printed on the forms)
  • Collection of additional follow-up data (all available information from last reported and up to date)
Deadline for returning follow-up forms is February 1, 2012. If you should have any questions regarding completion of the follow-up forms, please contact coordinating centre at

Many thanks again to all of you for your dedicated work in 2011 and we are looking very much forward to a continuous fruitful collaboration in 2012.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
TB:HIV Study Group
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