CATCH – Corona Application Tool for Collaborating Hospitals

CATCH (Corona Application Tool for Collaborating Hospitals) is a patient database for gaining an overview of and treating coronavirus patients.
The purpose of the project is to develop, optimize and scale the clinical application CATCH, which addresses an acute clinical and administrative need for effective referral, testing and treatment of citizens suspected of having contracted COVID-19 all across Denmark. The project has received support from the Novo Nordisk Foundation

CATCH1 has been used at the Department of Infectious Diseases at Rigshospitalet since 11th of March 2020 and more than 3000 persons tested for COVID-19 were registered in the application. CATCH1 is currently being expanded to 15 departments at Rigshospitalet upon the request of the management of the respective departments.

The system will ensure a speedy, efficient referral of Danish COVID-19 patients, avoiding bottlenecks in the healthcare system and overload situations in individual hospitals. This is achieved by continually collecting local data concerning the spread of the virus and comparing it with data on the capacity of local hospitals. Also, real-time data from electronic patient records will be obtained for COVID-19 patients who are admitted to hospital, which will help to identify the severely ill and the less seriously ill patients and provide suggestions for treatment based on clinical recommendations. The data will be used to pinpoint the most important factors contributing to severe illness. Based on this, it will be possible to generate updated risk assessments for the individual patients, from their admission and onwards.

For further information please contact study coordinator Kasper Moestrup, MD