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CoDe Pilot Project (November 5th – December 15th 2004)

Through an initial pilot phase, the CoDe case report form (CRF) and guidelines were tested widely at clinics taking part in the D:A:D Study and externally. The pilot included a total of 80 cases from more than 20 clinics. Reviewers appointed by the CoDe working group tested the review process.

As a result of the CoDe Pilot Project, the CRF and guidelines were modified according to the experience in order to ensure clarity of the guidelines and facilitate the collection of data and completion of the CRF. A final version of the CoDe CRF was released in February 2005 upon evaluation of the results of the pilot project. The committee responsible for the CoDe project will continue to evaluate the procedure, and it is anticipated that there will be additional revisions at a later time point – although the final version will remain in function for at least 12 months.

It is important that all users of the CoDe project continue to evaluate the various components of the project and submit feedback to Thank you!