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Presentations 2007

11th European AIDS Conference (EACS),  Madrid, October 2007


1 Diminished susceptibility to didanosine due to 184I/Vand thymidine analog mutations in isolates without major IAS-USA didanosine-specific and cross-resistant mutations.
J Kjær, A Cozzi-Lepri, Z Fox, and JD Lundgren
Poster P3.2/04 as pdf file 97 kb

2 Concordance between genotypic interpretation systems for predicting resistance to tipranavir/r and darunavir/r: results from the EuroSIDA study. Z Fox, A Cozzi-Lepri, B Clotet, J Kjaer, AN Phillips and JD Lundgren for the EuroSIDA study group
Poster P3.4/02 as pdf file 133 kb

3 Predicting the CD4 slope in patients starting cART after 1 January 1999.
JD Lundgren, J Gatell, JR Bogner, K Lacombe, M Murphy, A Wiercinska-Drapalo, P Reiss, A Lazzarin, AN Phillips, A Mocroft for the EuroSIDA study group
Poster P6.11/02/BPD as pdf file 169 kb

4 Virological response to nucleos(t)ide analogues backbones initiated after virological
failure on thymidine analogues-containing treatments.
A Cozzi-Lepri, AN Phillips, B Clotet, C Katlama, A Castagna, A Karlsson, B Ledergerber, B Knysz, K Zilmer, O Kirk and JD Lundgren for the EuroSIDA study group
Poster P7.4/01 as pdf file 94 kb

5 Incidence of pancreatitis amongst HIV-positive individuals, and the association with triglycerides and antiretroviral use. CJ Smith, A Mocroft, CH Olsen, F Antunes, S Staszewski, P Domingo, J Weber, E Vinogradova, H Sambattakou, JP Viard, JD Lundgren and the EuroSIDA Study Group
Poster P9.10/02 as pdf file 92 kb

6 The EuroSIDA risk score : Separate prediction for AIDS or death. JD Lundgren, B Ledergerber, B Gazzard, D Banhegyi, M Mokras, D Turner, P Domingo, G Fatkenheuer, O Kirk, A Mocroft for the EuroSIDA study group
Poster P18.4/01 as pdf file 199 kb


1 Does Hepatitis C virus (HCV) genotype or viral load predict the risk of all-cause mortality of HIV/HCV coinfection? JK Rockstroh, A Mocroft, P Reiss, A D`Arminio Monteforte, M Beniowski, C Pradier, K Zilmer, M Losso, O Kirk, L Peters, B Kupfer, V Soriano on behalf of the EuroSIDA Study Group
Abstract No. PS8/2 slides

2 Epidemiological and virological characteristics of chronic hepatitis C (HCV) within the EuroSIDA observational cohort. V Soriano, A Mocroft, B Ledergerber, B Knysz, S Chaplinskas, L Peters, A Karlsson, C Katlama, M Vogel, J Rockstroh, JD Lundgren for the EuroSIDA study group.
Abstract No. PS8/1 slides

XVI International HIV Drug Resistance Workshop, Barbados, June 2007

1 Association between Resistance and CD4 Count Change in Patients on ART with Ongoing Viraemia. ZV Fox, AM Geretti, B Clotet, A Cozzi-Lepri, T Hill, H Green, CA Sabin, B Ledergerber, JD Lundgren and AN Phillips for the UK Collaborative Group on HIV Drug Resistance, EuroSIDA and UK CHIC Studies

Poster as pdf file 153 kb

3 Rate of accumulation of thymidine analogue mutations in patients left on virologically failing regimens containing zidovudine or stavudine. A Cozzi-Lepri, AN Phillips, J Martinez-Picado, A d’Arminio Monforte, C Katlama, A-B Eg Hansen, A Horban, J Bruun, B Clotet and J Lundgren for the EuroSIDA study group

Poster as pdf file 86 kb

4 Proof-of-Principle Evaluation of Predictive Performance for Therapy Outcome of Baseline Estimated Fitness and Genetic Barrier towards Resistance in a Clinical Cohort of HIV-1 Treated Patients. K Deforche, A Cozzi-Lepri, K Theys, B Clotet, R Camacho, J Kjaer, K Van Laethem, AN Phillips, Y Moreau, JD Lundgren and A-M Vandamme for the EuroSIDA study Group.

Poster as pdf file 155kb

14th Conference o­n Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections, Los Angeles, February 2007


1 Detection of chronic renal failure (CRF) amon HIV-patients within the EuroSIDA Study. A Mocroft, O Kirk, J Gatell, P Reiss, P Gargalianos, K Zilmer, M Beniowski, JP Viard, S Staszewski, JD Lundgren for the EuroSIDA Study Group.

Poster 828 as pdf file 106 KB

2 Normalisation of CD4 count in HIV-infected patients with maximal virological suppression (<50 copies/ml) taking combination antiretroviral therapy. A Mocroft, AN Phillips, J Gatell, B Ledergerber, M Fisher, N Clumeck, M Losso, A Lazzarin, G Fätkenheuer, JD Lundgren for the EuroSIDA Study Group

Poster 519 as pdf file 100 KB