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Presentations 2001

8th CROI, February 2001, Chicago

1. Changes in cause of death across Europe. A Mocroft, R Brettle, O Kirk, A Blaxhult, JM Parkin, F Antunes, P Francioli, A d´Arminio Monforte, AN Phillips, and JD Lundgren. (EuroSIDA 298)

2. Virological and clinical outcome of NNRTI-containing regimens for 1932 patients in EuroSIDA. AN Phillips, C Pradier, A Lazzarin, B Clotet, F Goebel, P Hermans, F Antunes, B Ledergerber, O Kirk, JD Lundgren.
(EuroSIDA 324)

1st IAS Conference o­n HIV Pathogenesis and Treatment, July 2001 Buenos Aires

1. Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) among HIV-infected patients in the era of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART). O Kirk, A Mocroft, S Barton, C Pedersen, P Skinhøj, V Miller, J Lundgren.
(EuroSIDA 69)

8th ECCATH October 2001, Athens

1. Factors affecting incidence of and survival after CMV end-organ disease in patients with AIDS in Europe.
I Yust, D Tuner, O Kirk, C Katlama, A Mocroft, J van Lunzen, M Burke, A Chiesi, JD Lundgren.
(EuroSIDA 521)

41st ICAAC December 2001, Chicago

1. The stability of the viral load in subjects with virological failure who remain o­n the same HAART regimen: The EuroSIDA study.
JD Lundgren, A Cozzi. Lepri, V Miller, B Ledergerber, S Vella, J Weber, JN Bruun, O Kirk, B Clotet, A Phillips
(EuroSIDA I-1915)