Sample shipment

*Please note that from 1st October 2017, we now only request and reimburse:

1 plasma sample per patient per year.
Samples collected, stored and shipped before 1st October 2017 will of course be reimbursed in full.
If you wish to send more than the one sample per patient per year, we welcome the additional in-kind contribution, but prospectively we can only reimburse for one sample. 

Collection and storage of plasma samples

  • 3 - 5 ml of EDTA blood is collected.
  • Blood is separated by centrifugation (e.g. 1.500 g, 15 min.)
  • Store 2 x 1 ml aliquots in 1,8 ml screw top cryovials (e.g. Nunc 377267 or similar). Glass vials are not permitted. If cryovials are not available, please contact Annette Hauberg Fischer ( at the coordinating centre.
  • The tubes should be clearly labeled with:
    • EuroSIDA patient number
    • Date of collection
  • Samples should be stored at – 70° Celsius or liquid nitrogen within 4-6 hours of venesection.
    If - 70° Celsius or liquid nitrogen is not available, use - 20° Celsius freezer.
  • If plasma have been stored in freezers with temperatures above - 50° Celsius, or if more than 6 hours have passed before plasma has been frozen, this should be clearly indicated when samples are shipped to coordinating centre.
  • List of samples available should be shipped together with the plasma samples to the coordinating centre. Sample list

Please contact Annette Hauberg Fischer ( at the coordinating centre if you need cryovials and grid boxes.

Shipment of plasma samples

When ready to ship samples please contact Annette Hauberg Fischer ( at the coordinating centre at University of Copenhagen for precise instructions o­n handling, packaging and shipping.

For shipments done from countries outside the European Union, please use the Proforma Invoice.

Annette Hauberg Fischer, Laboratory Coordinator
EuroSIDA Coordinating Centre
Phone: +45 35 45 57 57
Fax: +45 36 47 33 40