Italian Cohort Naive Antiretrovirals (ICONA)

ICONA was constituted as Foundation in 2007 but it has been operating since 1997 as a Italian national network designed to collect clinical data and biological samples. Over 1997-2017, ICONA enrolled more than 16,000 ART-naïve patients at the beginning of the observational period: this ensures ICONA Foundation to have essential data and information about HIV natural history, hepatitis virus co-infections and outcomes of antiretroviral therapy from 50 infectious diseases clinical sites across Italy. A second cohort, HepaICONA was established in 2013 and enrols HIV/HCV-RNA+ subjectes, DAA-naïve and ART-Experienced. From 1997 ICONA scientific production includes more than 130 peer reviewed articles and international collaboration with EU and US cohorts. 

Primary research focus: Outcomes of HAART; Epidemiology of HIV: late presentation to care, cascade of care, migrants, gender differences;  Immunological Studies: immune and inflammatory biomarkers; Virological Studies: HIV mutations and tropism, viral reservoir;  HCV/HIV coinfection: epidemiology, outcomes of DAA; HIV/CMV coinfection; impact of comorbidities in HIV (diabetes, CV, bone and renal diseases).

Cohort governance: Scientific Secretary: A. d’Arminio Monforte (President), A. Antinori (Vice-President), A. Castagna, F. Ceccherini-Silberstein, A. Cozzi-Lepri, E. Girardi, S. Lo Caputo, C. Mussini, M. Puoti, C.F. Perno

Key RESPOND Staff:
Principal Investigator
: A. d’Arminio Monforte (University of Milan, IT); Statistician: A. Cozzi-Lepri (University College London, UK); Data Manager: A. Tavelli;