Sample collection and shipment
Collection and storage of samples

Please consult the MISTRAL Laboratory Manual for full instructions on collection and storage of samples.

EDTA Plasma, Whole Blood and stool samples should be stored in grid-boxes. The figure below depicts the order in which the samples should be placed in the grid box:

All samples should be stored locally until ready to be shipped to the coordinating centre at CHIP. Samples should be shipped every one to two years when instructed by CHIP.
Shipment of samples
When ready to ship samples, please contact Annette Hauberg Fischer, the Laboratory and Shipping Coordinator at CHIP. The coordinating centre will contact the courier to be used. Only the courier services designated by the coordinating office may be used. The courier will provide all packing and shipping materials.

When contacting the Laboratory and Shipping Coordinator, please provide the following information: 
- Hospital Name
- Contact person, and their phone number and email address
- Address (precise address where courier can pick up)
- Fax (optional)
- Number of samples/tubes/vials to be shipped
Annette Hauberg Fischer, Laboratory Coordinator
EuroSIDA Coordinating Centre
Phone: +45 35 45 57 57
Fax: +45 36 47 33 40
For shipments done from countries outside the European Union, please use the Proforma Invoice.