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Presentations 2003

10th Conference o­n Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections, February 2003, Boston

1. Changes in AIDS, death rates and survival after AIDS in the EuroSIDA study: 1994-2002.
A Mocroft, B Ledergerber, C Katlama, O Kirk, P Reiss, A D´Arminio Monforte, B Knysz, M Dietrich, A Phillips, JD Lundgren.
(EuroSIDA 180)

5th International Conference o­n Adverse Drug Reactions and Lipodystrophy in HIV, Paris, July 2003

1.Safety of NNRTI therapy. Data from the EuroSIDA study. N Friis-Møller, O Kirk, P Reiss, A Mocroft, C Katlama, A Horban, D Banhegyi, J Gatell, B Clotet, AN Phillips and JD Lundgren for the EuroSIDA Study Group.
(EuroSIDA 24)

9th EACS, Warsaw, October 2003

1. Virologic outcome of patients with virologic failure who start a regimen containing Abacavir: EuroSIDA Study. C Cabrera, A Cozzi-Lepri, AN Phillips, C Loveday, T Puig, O Kirk, M Ait-Khaled, B Ledergerber, J Lundgren, B Clotet, L Ruiz
(EuroSIDA F6/5)

2. Hepatitis B (HBV) in the EuroSIDA Cohort: prevalence and impact o­n mortality, AIDS progression and response to HAART
. D Konopnicki, S De Wit, F Antunes, B Ledergerber, C Katlama, K Zilmer, O Kirk, S Vella, A Mocroft and JD Lundgren, for the EuroSIDA Group.
(EuroSIDA F9/3)

3. Changing incidence of central nervous system (CNS) AIDS-related diseases in the EuroSIDA cohort.A d'Arminio Monforte, P Cinque, A Mocroft, F-D Goebel, F Antunes, C Katlama, US Justesen, S Vella, O Kirk, JD Lundgren, for the EuroSida Study Group.
(EuroSIDA F9/6 )

4. Changes in hospital admissions across Europe in 1995-2002. A D’Arminio Monforte, A Mocroft, O Kirk, MA Johnson, N Friis-Moller, D Banhegyi, A Blaxhult, F Mulcahy, JM Gatell, JD Lundgren for the EuroSIDA study group.
(EuroSIDA F9/7)

5. Influence of Hepatitis C coinfection o­n HIV disease progression within the EuroSIDA Cohort. J Rockstroh, A Mocroft, V Soriano, C Tural, M Losso, P Reiss, L Machala, O Kirk, B Ledergerber, JD Lundgren, for the EuroSIDA study group.
(EuroSIDA F12/4)

6. Regional differences in characteristics of HIV-patients from across Europe The EuroSIDA study. L Viksna, A Mocroft, B Knysz, JP Viard, M Dietrich, D Duiculescu, A Blaxhult, F Antunes, JD Lundgren, O Kirk, for the EuroSIDA Study Group.
(EuroSIDA 18.2/2)

7. Use of and response to antiretroviral therapy in regions of Europe The EuroSIDA Study. A Horban, A Mocroft, B Ledergerber, A Johnson, S Chaplinskas, JM Gatell, A Chiesi, AN Phillips, JD Lundgren, O Kirk, for the EuroSIDA study group.
(EuroSIDA 18.2/3)