Presentations 2019

Conference on Retroviruses and Oppertunistic Infections (CROI), Seattle 4-7 March 2019

Poster presentation:
Clinical Outcomes in Persons Coinfected with HIV and HCV: Impact of HCV Treatment Presented by Lars Peters on behalf of the EuroSIDA study. PRESENTATION

The International Liver Congress, Vienna 10-14 April 2019

Poster presentation:
Influence of HCV coinfection and HCV treatment on risk of diabetes mellitus in HIV infected persons. Presented by Lars Peters on behalf of the EuroSIDA study. POSTER

10th IAS Conference on HIV Science,Mexico City, Mexico, 21-24 July 2019

Poster presentation:
HCV reinfection among HIV/HCV co-infected individuals in Europe. Presented by Sarah Amele on behalf of the EuroSIDA Study Group. PRESENTATION and POSTER

Prevalence and Outcomes for Heavily Treatment-Experienced (HTE) Individuals Living with HIV in a European Cohort. Presented by Alvaro Humberto Diniz Borges on behalf of Annegret Pelchen-Matthews and the EuroSIDA Study Group. POSTER