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The International Cohort Consortium of Infectious Disease (RESPOND) is a non-interventional, non-randomized, open-label, multi-cohort observational study.

The aim of RESPOND is to build an innovative, flexible and dynamic cohort consortium for the study of infectious diseases, including HIV and people at risk for HIV, as a generic structure for facilitating multi stakeholder involvement. This consortium builds upon the outstanding collaborative work in HIV cohort studies that has taken place in Europe and beyond over the last 20 years and which has provided crucial information contributing to the improvement in the lives of HIV-positive individuals. RESPOND will continue with a rigorous approach to answering questions with robust and reliable scientific methodologies as well as having the flexibility and willingness to answer the most important questions of interest to the infectious diseases research community. RESPOND will be based on an extremely successful and highly experienced existing infrastructure, which will be adapted and expanded – including an inclusive network of clinics and cohorts and utilizing the operational infrastructure used for EuroSIDA, INSIGHT and other key studies, based at CHIP since 1994.

For more information about RESPOND, please contact the Coordinating Centre at: