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European AIDS Clinical Society (EACS


Jens Lundgren is member of the Govering Board of the European AIDS Clinical Society (EACS). This is a not-for-profit group of European physicians, clinicians and researchers in the field of HIV / AIDS.


Established in 1991, it now has over 600 members and it aims at bringing together scientists from all over Europe and help at exchanging the latest initiation regarding clinical aspects of the disease.


The Govering Board of EACS consists of 15 members elected every 4 years.


The main activities of the Society are:






EACS aims as well at training young European physicians in charge of clinical care of HIV positive patients through its Medical Exchange Programme for Young HIV Physicians.


The scholars are offered a 4-month to 12-month training in one of our selected European HIV Clinical Centres.


Funding is allocated according to the duration of the project. A grant of 20000€ awarded for a 12-month project; pro rata for shorter projects.


The applicants will be selected upon their field of interest, HIV experience, language fluency and their CV.


Scholars at CHIP:


2003: Vera Ilyenkova, Belarus

2005: Justyna Kowalska, Poland

2006: Ivan Zhyltsou, Belarus

2007: Elena Kozorez, Belarus

2008: Iwona Cielnak, Poland

2009: Csaba Kosa, Hungary

2009: Alexey Kruk, Russia


For further information about EACS, please follow this link