Online course on Clinical Management of HIV

    WHO CC provides training resources and act as a knowledge resource to CEECA through development and provision of existing HIV and viral hepatitis treatment and care online courses and training programmes.

    Currently, WHO CC is developing an Online Course for HIV High-incidence Countries in the WHO European Region on Clinical Management of HIV in collaboration with WHO and EACS. The aim of the course is to provide high quality training on the clinical management of HIV, including co-morbidities and public health related issues. The course curriculum is being developed by a faculty committee with members of the faculty being primarily clinicians from the European AIDS Clinical Society (EACS), the World Health Organization (WHO) and WHO Collaborating Centers in Europe. 

    Registration is open for the course, please follow this link: Clinical Management of HIV Online Course – Sign Up Now! 

    After the successfull pilot the course will now remain open continously until 2019. The course consists of six modules (HIV Infection, Epidemiology, & Surveillance; OIs & Co-morbidities; ART & Complications of ART; Continuum of HIV Care; Key Affected Populations; and Treatment & Prevention of HIV) each containing video lectures on various subtopics. This model promotes more flexibility than a traditional face-to-face approach as participants can join in when their schedule allows and select the modules in the order they desire. Participants should plan on using 1 to 1½ hours per subtopic. Russian and English subtitles will be available for video lectures, while other course materials will be available in English.