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Publications 2015

1 Trombocytopenia and cancer risk during HIV infection. A.H. Borges, J.D. Lundgren, A. Mocroft.
AIDS 2015 Jul 17. 29(11): 1425-7 doi:10.1097/QAD.0000000000000744.  (IF: 6.56). article

2 Hepatitis and the Sustainable Development Goals: time for an end run. Lazarus JV
BioMed Central Blog 28 Sept 2015 Blog

3 Why do we need a new hepatology journal? Lazarus JV
BioMed Central Blog, 28 July 2015 Blog 

4 The World Hepatitis Summit 2015: an unprecedented global health event. Lazarus JV
BioMed Central Blog 2 Sept 2015. Blog

5 What does it mean to ‘eliminate’ viral hepatitis? Lazarus JV
BioMed Central Blog 4 Sept 2015 Blog